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Music Dreams: Six Original Pieces for Solo Piano

Music Dreams: Six Original Pieces for Solo Piano by composer and author Jennifer L. Jones is designed for the beginner-intermediate piano student. In this book, Jennifer connects her relationship with music from childhood and her career in teaching and composing, to offering the learner an approach that supports brain development as well as many social/emotional, and physical benefits. With a focus on original music, the composer adds a personal touch to learning a piece of music for the first time through Wellness Warmups and Mindful Habits of Practice including links to online resources and tutorials. Each piano piece provides Composer Notes for the student with suggested practice techniques, things to watch out for, and musical elements such as tempo and dynamic markings throughout. Musical terms and recommended resources are also outlined in the book. And the best part is recordings of each piece, a must-have learning tool, are available to download and included with your purchase. If you play, listen or just love music, this book will inspire you to find the joy and creativity music brings to your daily life!  Soft cover, 36 pages, 8.5 x 11 format.

Music Dreams: Six Original Pieces for Solo Piano

  • "I loved Jennifer's's brilliant, charming, and pragmatic with a personal touch!"

    ...Mia B., NYC 

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