My Story

I started taking piano lessons when I was 9 years old from an extraordinary teacher who happened to live across the street from me in Attleboro, Massachuetts.  What was extraordinary is that she studied with the late Raymund Mauro, a student of Cortot and Casadessus and the late Madame Avis Bliven Charbonnel of Providence, a pupil of Leschetisky in Vienna.  Imagine having a teacher of this brilliance in your backyard!  I didn't fully appreciate this fact until I went to the Boston Conservatory of Music as a piano major and realized that my preparation was unparalleled to many.  But oh.... if I only practiced more growing up!   

Most of my 40+ years in music has been teaching piano privately and as a classroom music teacher in the public schools.  I loved teaching and decided to leave the pressure of performance behind.  Because of my own personal experiences and the benefits of arts education, I became a strong advocate for quality arts education in our schools.  Before my retirement in 2012, my focus was to bring the arts to as many children in the community through in-school and after school programs.  I am very  proud of my accomplishments and  fortunate to have these opportunities during my career. 

But  like many creative people, I was starving for something new.  I literally was having dreams of playing  the piano without mistakes... just playing on and on!  These were beautiful dreams. I felt as if I was gliding among the clouds with my eyes closed enveloped by sounds that were calming, uplifting, exciting and sublime without words.  That's when I started improvising on the piano like in my dreams.  And like my dream, I could do this with my eyes closed.  Just basking in the sounds not thinking of key, meter or tempo.  I just let it flow... Usually you can't replicate your dreams, but I did... the music was there and it needed to get out!

I create music for your personal and commercial use such as family videos, slide shows, artist images, ads, soundtracks for short films and more. If you are interested, I would love to work with you! Please contact me via email.