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Tenderness is about how you touch someone both physically and emotionally. When I play the piano, how I touch the keys is determined by the feeling I want to express. I take great care in how I touch each piano key in order to produce the most beautiful tone possible so the listener will have a satisfying and meaningful musical experience. That's what this piece is about, touching someone with tenderness and hope.

I Don't Know Why

This piece was conceived from the words I Don't Know Why... the feeling that nothing seems to make sense anymore, or why am I so unlucky with love.

Echos of Memory

Echos of Memory reminds us of loved ones we've lost, unfulfilled dreams, regrets or unexplained sadness. It's like sitting at a window on a gloomy, rainy day, gazing at the clouds wishing a rainbow or the love of your life will appear!

A Wish

A wish is private... It's about our innermost dreams and desires. Making a wish gives us hope for the future and to keep believing.

A Time and Place

When we look through a photo album, it's like traveling in and out of time into a place of memories where favorite places, friends and family are with us again... it's time traveling made simple!

"I love all kinds of music, but the music I compose must be beautiful, lyrical and expressive"

New Releases

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